Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate the Internet

14 Jan
by mjeaton, posted in Uncategorized   |  19 Comments

1. Top N lists.
2. Stupid people.
3. Expert Sex Change
4. Everyone is an expert
5. Spam
6. Stupid people
7. Repetition
8. Not enough free porn
9. People that get pissed off over silly stuff

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19 Responses to Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate the Internet

  1. Dan Hounshell

    8. Not enough free porn.

    Dude, apparently you aren’t on the same internet that I’m on!!

  2. Michael Eaton

    @Dan, note I didn’t say “horse porn” :-D

  3. Michael Letterle

    10. ex-Ratt members who make ironic top-10 lists that only have 9 items.

  4. Arjan Zuidhof

    Well, the good thing about top-10 lists is that web surfers get attracted to it like flies by a piece of **** – ehh, never mind :) Scientific evidence has shown that the mind is incapable of *not* clicking a link saying ‘top-X whatever..’
    Maybe you can let us know later if this is true for your blog i.e. if this is going to be the most popular entry

  5. ricky

    spammer make me confused :|

  6. Sulumits Retsambew

    hello, this is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting in your blog especially its discussion. keep up the good work.

  7. Johny

    I hate spammers too. They’re just ruin the net.

  8. Doug

    I hate the Internet because it’s another thing to waste my time on instead of doing useful stuff in the tangible world.

  9. Sally

    Your repititous! You said stupid people twice!

  10. Fred Renquist

    the internet sucks because you can’t bowl with it

  11. lv

    nice oh ye ,the post ,i am very like it

  12. adam nutland

    its only there for porn and terrorism. it will be the downfall of mankind and ive always despised it. my girlfriend has moved in so had no choice to get it for her work.i spent years avoiding the film titanic until i was made to by a bird! now iv got to deal with this shit!!

  13. Activekita

    small talk that makes me want to look… :)

  14. Naah !

    i think you are stupid , free porn , that what you think about all day ?

    poor one to me

  15. akagi

    1. War zone of the world!
    2. Make it the worst!
    3. Virus is everywere! (Computer, HIV, AIDS, SPAM, malware, SARS, anymore!)
    4. Not REAL.
    6. ME!?! (WHAT?!? ME!?! NO WAY!!!)
    7. YOU!!! (HEI YOU!!! YES YOU!!!)
    8. Free porn??? (What?!? you still live in the world!?! you know!!! everything is money!!!)
    9. Another world!!!
    10. ALL IS FAKE!!!

  16. Susan

    wtf? not enough free porn??? what internet are you on?

  17. fred

    I hate the internet because people put up only 9 items in a top ten list

  18. Atco

    I hate it because most websites dont have/do what they are advertising. just time-wasting money-grabbing liars

  19. Yarrum Rekcadarh

    I hate the internet because:

    It has reduced me to posting this.